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Get a comprehensive building inspection report from a trade qualified carpenter for your peace of mind. Same day service is available.* We have both verbal as well as written reports available.

Independent inspections and reports


For most of us, buying a property is one of the biggest financial investments we will make. Whether it is a family home or investment property, it’s important to do your research to ensure you are getting what you are paying for and avoiding any potential structural issues that will cost you in the future.

Get to know your new home or investment. Kiwi House Inspections is committed to providing our clients with high quality, detailed building inspections and reports. We provide our services throughout the wider Taranaki region.

A property assessment is an important step when purchasing or selling any type of dwelling as it will illuminate which areas require work to be done. The results of our home inspections could be the difference between buying a property, and walking away.

Thorough, independent building inspectors

The building reports we provide are accurate, unbiased and are carried out with integrity, giving due respect to all parties involved. We have more than 20 years of experience in the building industry and full indemnity insurance, so rest assured that you'll be making the right decision choosing us. We are one of the only companies to provide same day home inspections in Taranaki. This means you will never be left in the dark about the hidden issues of a potential house purchase.

In our building inspections, we go into as much detail as possible to cover all aspects of the dwelling. We use the latest technology e.g. non-invasive meters, moisture detectors and meth detectors combined with a hawk-eyed visual assessment when producing your report. We deliver our reports in plain English, so it is easy to understand and trust that there isn’t any detail hidden in technical terms.

The building reports that give you the full picture

Kiwi House Inspections’ post and pre-purchase building assessments are suitable for all kinds of buildings: your home, investment property or even the batch, and are appropriate for loan applications, property buyers, property sellers, landlords, real estate agents etc. 



You can't go wrong with Kiwi House Inspections Taranaki, so give Riki a call on 

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